North Maine Woods

The region is not a wilderness. There are over 3,000 miles of permanently maintained roads and several thousand miles of temporary, unmaintained roads. In most areas two generations of timber have been cut and the current harvesting operations you may see mark the third time the trees in this giant tree farm have been cropped.

While NMW is not a wilderness, it is also not a publicly-owned state park. There are no rangers or hookups at the campsites; no lifeguards and no beaches. And while the spirit of friendship and cooperation is deep among outdoors people, you're really on your own here.

North Maine Woods is really three things: each is unique.

It is a region of over 3.5 million acres of top quality commercial forest land. Included within its boundaries are two of the most famous wild rivers of the Northeast - the St. John and the Allagash. North Maine Woods completely surrounds the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.What is North Maine Woods

It is an organization. Landowners - big and small, corporations, individuals, and families have joined with Maine's natural resource agencies in a partnership to solve today's problems and plan for the future.

It is a spirit. Past and present; people and nature meet here. Men and women who make their living from the woods and those who relax here love this area. And through North Maine Woods, they work together to see that while they take forest products, fish, wildlife, and pleasure from this great region, they take nothing that will make it any less in the future than it is today.