Camping in the North Maine Woodscamping-collage

Camping permits are issued at the checkpoint upon entrance to the North Maine Woods area. Camping is allowed at designated, marked camping areas for a two week maximum time per campsite. The North Maine Woods map, DeLorme's Maine Atlas and Gazetteer, and maps at the checkpoints show campsite locations.

Due to the expanse of the area and staff limitations, campsites are available on a first come/first served basis. Reservations are not accepted.

There are two types of campsites available for use:

  • Authorized Campsites
    While all campsites are rustic, there are steel firerings, cedar picnic tables, and toilets at authorized campsites. Fires may be carefully built in the steel firerings. A Maine Forest Service Fire Permit is not required.

  • Designated Fire Permit Campsites
    These are locations where overnight camping is allowed but where building camp fires requires a Maine Forest Service Fire Permit. The locations of designated fire permit campsites are shown by a different symbol on the maps. These campsites have fewer facilities than authorized campsites. Although many fire permit campsites are not as attractive as authorized campsites, November hunters prefer sheltered locations rather than windswept lake shore campsites.

We strongly urge obtaining a fire permit in advance of arrival at NMW. The most convenient location to obtain information and fire permits is the Northern Region Headquarters in Ashland. This may be done by telephone at (207) 435-7963 Monday through Friday 8 - 4pm.

Rangers may also be available to issue fire permits at the following locations or while on patrol in the area.

Ashland Regional Headquarters (207)435-7963
Old Town Regional Headquarters (207)827-6191
Allagash District - Portage (207)435-6644
Aroostook Water District - Masardis (207)435-6975
Aroostook Water District - Daaquam (418)244-3609
Moosehead District - Greenville (207)695-3721
Allagash Store House (207)398-3196
East Branch District - Island Falls (207)463-2331


In addition to camping, overnight accommodations are provided by commercial recreational facilities within and adjacent to the area. Over 50 businesses including sporting lodges, housekeeping camps, outfitters, and guiding services provide overnight accommodations. A list of these businesses is available at checkpoints, from the main office or on our on-line business directory (see menu above) with links to web sites showing what the businesses have to offer. The businesses listed on our web site are licensed by NMW to operate in the area and insured to provide safe visits for guests. The Maine Sporting Camps Owners Association,P.O. Box 89, Jay, ME 04239 has a detailed brochure of its members including a map of locations and lists services provided.


Cutting live trees for firewood or to use as tent supports is prohibited. You are welcome to use dead and downed wood for your fire at an authorized location. Extreme caution is always the rule. Remember a small fire is best for cooking. By Maine law there is a $50.00 fine for leaving any fire unattended. The steel fire-ring is the only place a fire may be built at an authorized campsite.

Moving a steel fire-ring or building your own rock fireplace at authorized sites is not permitted. When building a fire at a designated fire permit campsite, use caution and common sense in locating your fire. Use existing fireplaces if they are available and safe. By Maine law, having an unauthorized cooking or warming fire is illegal and punishable by fines. Fires outside a steel-ring require a written fire permit from the Maine Forest Service.